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Our first project: Direct Congressional Activism (DCA)

This site is brand new, and will grow over time.  But right now, Donald Trump is nominating cabinet members who are wholly unqualified to serve our nation in such capacity.  Their disqualification comes from either a complete lack of experience in the operations of a government, their stated objective of destroying or eliminating the department to which they're being appointed, or their connections to business or politicians who seek to undermine the purpose of government.   

We must take action to stop these appointments and make it clear to our legislators that we are watching, we have objections and we expect them to represent us.  If you arrived at this site with a desire to help, click the "Learn More" link below.  


The Liberal Spirit

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Eventually, this site will serve as a platform for the ongoing advocacy of liberal ideas and ideals. Over the past 50 years, we have made hard-won gains in personal freedoms, but the fight is not over, and in some cases, there's a real danger of losing the freedoms we've previously gained.  


Our goal is to provide you resources, enabling you to participate actively in the advocacy of freedom and liberty. We're just getting started!  

Check out our Social Media Resources Page.  Feel free to use anything on that page (without alteration) in your social media messaging.  

facts first

The old saying goes, "You're entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts."  I take that one step further to the point of you're entitled to your own informed opinion, so if you wish to contribute facts, I am ALL EARS. Hearsay, innuendo and propaganda don't work here.  We won't tolerate #fakenews at The Liberal Spirit and will work to ensure we present verified facts on this site. If you find something innacurate, please forward verifiable information here.  

A good Government implies two things: first, fidelity to the object of Government, which is the happiness of the People; secondly, a knowledge of the means by which that object can be best attained.
— James Madison, Federalist 62


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At this point, this is just me... one guy with a passion for making things happen.  The best way to reach me is on Twitter, @ProudlyLiberal2 or if you prefer, hit me up on email

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